At The Core Of It All

At Universal Rail Systems, we have choices.  We choose to operate with a commitment to Building Canada’s Future, Creating Value and to Do It Right.  These are choices to be part of the sustainability solution.

If you visit Our Story, you’ll understand that our work is about honoring Canada’s extensive railway history and forging a future that we can be proud of.  You’ll also understand that we’re a service company with a commitment to exceeding expectations.  Quite simply, we believe anything worth doing is worth doing right. 

We’re also a company made up of people and, just like you, we’re thinking and planning for tomorrow.  We enjoy nature, we care about our loved ones, and we want our future generations to live safe, healthy and productive lives.

For these reasons and more, we choose to make SafetyOur Environment and Our Communities important elements of our work and business decisions.  We invest in people who care, and they have contributed to a culture and operations where ensuring a sustainable future runs deep.