Our Equipment

Canada’s Top Fleet of Specialty Rail Equipment

When we made a commitment to be Canada’s #1 choice for rail services and projects across Canada, we made a commitment to provide Canada’s top fleet of specialty equipment. 

We own and operate a modern, strictly maintained fleet of more than 700 pieces of specialty railway equipment. Our extensive fleet ensures we have the capacity and capability to perform all rail-related functions for Class 1 & 2, short line, industry and transit clients safely and efficiently.

To give you a sense of our capabilities, Road & Rail Equipment operates approximately 30 working Mark VI tampers and more than 42 regulators.  As a commitment to our clients, it is our policy to renew or overhaul equipment every five years.  We maintain strict records, including service logs, daily inspection logs and maintenance logs.  We also employ our own internal team of qualified mechanics to keep our equipment in optimal operating condition and minimize downtime.