Industry Affiliations

The railway industry is equally part of Canada’s past and future.  Universal Rail Systems is committed to advancing the practices that deliver quality, safety and confidence in Canada’s railway industry, and supporting the organizations that allow us to show leadership in delivering an enviable rail transport network.

We are proudly affiliated with:

Canadian Association of Railway Suppliers (CARS):  Represents and advocates on behalf of rail suppliers selling products and services to railways and transits in Canada and abroad.

Toronto Railway Club (TRC):  A group of railway and transit personnel and suppliers who meet regularly to connect, expand their networks, and keep in touch.

Canadian Railway Club (CRC):  Promote knowledge of the rail transportation industry, good relationships and networking among employees of rail transportation companies, members of the railway supply industry and members of transportation industry in general, through meetings and social events.

Canadian Urban Transit Alliance (CUTA): Supports public transit as the core of integrated mobility across Canada. We do this by providing our members with the resources, networking, training, events, data, research and advocacy needed to support their success in the industry.

Railway Association of Canada (RAC): Advocates on behalf of more than 50 freight and passenger railway companies to ensure that the rail sector remains globally competitive, sustainable, and safe.

The National Railway Construction and Maintenance Association, Inc. (NRC) Advance the mutual interests of railroad contractors, suppliers and the entire railroad and rail transit construction industry.

The American Railway Engineering and Maintenance-of-Way Association (AREMA): Develop and advance the technical and practical knowledge and recommended practices pertaining to the design, construction and maintenance of railway infrastructure.

Western Canadian Short Line Railway Association (WCSLRA): A not-for-profit membership based organization representing the interest of 14 short line railways across Western Canada.

Transit Rail Association for Canadian Contractors (TRACCS): A non-profit association of subcontractors and maintainers in rail, OCS, signal construction, and communication system coming together to serve the needs of its members and the industry.