North American Rail Products

Products that work – for you

North American Rail Products provides high quality and seamless delivery on the rail products you need.

If you need it, we stock it – new, relayed or reconditioned.  North American Rail Products has the product and materials that you need when you need them. 

Our expansive inventory reflects, but is not limited to: 
  • Rail
  • Turnouts
  • Switch components
  • Wood, concrete and steel ties
  • Track tools and accessories
  • Rail dock safety products
  • Service for new construction, maintenance and decommissioning
  • Other Track Material (OTM)
    • Tie plates
    • Track spikes
    • Screw spikes
    • Rail anchors
    • Joint bars
    • Fasteners

We are confident that our creative and cost effective product solutions build and maintain better railways.  We stand apart in our ability to minimize cost, deliver quality, and expedite delivery. 

We are also known for our unparalleled ability to ease onsite installation.  We have complete trackwork manufacturing and assembly capabilities.  We manufacture packaged turnouts, ensuring you have all the materials to easily assemble turnouts on site, or pre-plated turnouts, which dramatically decrease your assembly requirements and ease your installation efforts on site.  We also have the capabilities to complete special trackwork, maintaining a large inventory of specialty inventory to decrease lead times.    

Our offerings include:
  • Refurbishing switch points, switch stands, frogs and diamond crossings
  • Supplying all varieties of relay rail to customers' specifications
  • Sorting rail materials
  • Manufacturing and building special track work to standard or custom specifications, including switch points, frog, base plates, and switch rods
  • Manufacturing and assembling complete turnouts to standard or custom specifications
  • Seamless, expedited on-site delivery of materials

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