Track Inspection & Maintenance

An ounce of prevention

Railway track, car and unit inspections prevent mishaps.  Regular and thorough inspections by trusted, skilled and experienced third-party experts are good business and industry requirements.

Universal Rail Systems values its reputation to Do It Right, and can play an important role in assuring your reputation as a safe, diligent and quality-focused operator. To do this, we offer regularly scheduled visual inspections.

Service Offerings:

           •   Pattern Recognition
           •   Flaw Detection and Evaluation
           •   Dimension Measurements
           •   Material Characterization
           •   Data Analysis and Audits
           •   Manual Flaw Verification
           •   Quality Assurance
           •   Recommendations for Remedial Action

Our inspectors are part members of the Universal Rail Contractors - Great Plains, SCT Rail Contractors, and Universal Railway Operations teams.