Our Leadership

Our Executive Team leads by example, sets the strategic direction of Universal Rail Systems and each Universal company, and guides our operations. 

They are leaders by action and experience, and they represent a tremendous depth of talent and industry achievements.

  • K MahoneyR2

    Kevin Mahoney

    Chief Executive Officer

    As Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Mahoney is responsible for the overall strategic direction and performance of Universal Rail Systems and accordingly each of the Universal companies.

  • Tim McMillan

    Tim McMillan

    Chief Operating Officer

    As Chief Operating Officer, Mr. McMillan is responsible carrying out Universal Rail Systems' operational priorities and leading the operations team.

  • Ray

    Ray Sandhu

    Chief Financial Officer

    As Chief Financial Officer, Mr. Sandhu is responsible for leading the strategic financial portfolio of Universal Rail Systems and all of its wholly owned subsidiaries.

  • Jason Crawford

    President Universal Rail Contractors - Great Plains

    As President, Mr. Crawford is responsible for the operational performance of Great Plains and leading the strategic management of the company.

  • Pat ONeill

    Pat O'Neill

    Vice-President Operations West

    As Vice-President Operations West, Mr. O'Neill is responsible for setting the overall strategic direction for the Western region and delivering customer performance standards for the region.

  • Ed

    Ed Persico

    Vice-President Operations East

    As Vice-President Operations East, Mr. Persico is responsible for setting the overall strategic direction for the Eastern region and delivering customer performance standards for the region.

  • Ivor

    Ivor Lee

    Vice President, Finance

    As Vice President, Finance, Mr. Lee is accountable for Universal Rail Systems' accounting and financial functions, including oversight of the corporate financial services team.

  • Tony Martorana

    Tony Martorana

    General Manager, Operations

    As General Manager, Operations, Mr. Martorana is responsible for demonstrating leadership on performance standards across the Universal group of companies.

  • Kevin Mau

    Kevin Mau

    General Manager, Universal Railway Operations

    As General Manager, Universal Railway Operations, Mr. Mau is responsible for managing the service delivery and business development for the Universal Railway Operations team.

  • Mel Jones

    Mel Jones

    Director of Centre Of Excellence

    As Director of Centre Of Excellence, Mr. Jones is responsible for operational performance of Road & Rail Equipment Technologies Ltd. 

  • H Mckeown professional photo

    Heather McKeown

    Director of Human Resources

    As Director, Human Resources, Ms. McKeown is responsible for attracting and retaining first-rate talent for Universal Rail Systems.

  • Aaron Latimer

    Aaron Latimer

    Director of Marketing and Communications

    As Director, Marketing and Communications, Mr. Latimer is responsible for ensuring that Universal Rail Systems has a strong presence in the railway sector and is building and investing in positive relationships with clients and stakeholders.

  • GlenR1

    Glenn Cryer

    Director of Information Technology

    As Director, Information Technology, Mr. Cryer is responsible for managing Universal Rail Systems’ strategic IT infrastructure to support customer and operational needs.